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Linbit X Dreamtech

119% More Leads

42% Better SEO

34% More Engagements


A software provider had an outdated website that was not conveying the needed message. It did not reflect the goals of the company, nor did it showcase the capabilities of the team. The website also lacked newer technologies to enhance the customer experience.


The company needed to modernize the look and feel of its website to handle its growing business. The goal was a clear delivery of their message and better interaction with their online customers.
Their website was fragmented and lacked modern links to keep visitors engaged. Customers needed to be able to find the client and hold their attention while ensuring confidence in their customer’s eyes.
Outlining technology and solutions they could provide a clear picture of their capabilities and open the customer to new ideas.


Linbit is a leading provider of software-define storage, high availability, and disaster recovery software based in Europe with clients all over the world.
Asparuh and his team did amazing work. They were very dependable and always delivered.

Will Mapp


Dreamtech’s website design and development team looked at all aspects of the business and performed an SEO audit with keyword research. The new pages showcase the customer’s vast reputation, diversity of services, and trust they have built up in the industry. The site is personable and information with clear, concise information.
The new page ranks high on internet searches, draws the client to the landing page, and keeps them engaged in the available products and news regarding the company. Dynamic graphics and descriptive narratives created easy navigation and clear calls to action. Personal touches such as management profiles and clear calls to action were provided. Connection to communities was integrated.


New narratives and website updates were completed quickly, resulting in a higher search engine ranking, more clicks to the site, and an increase in customers reaching out to the company for solutions. The company was able to concentrate on solutions.

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